IDSS Sport Presentation

    Yonatan Buber, Israel
    - Adult Congenital Heart Disease

    Riccardo Cappato, Italy
    - AF in Athletes–when Should we Ablate?

    François Carré, France
    - The Use of Antiarrhythmic Medications in Athletes
    - Aortic Dilatation and Marfan
    - Structural & Electrical Remodeling of the Heart in Athletes
    - The challenge of suspected cardiomyopathy in athletes

    Gal Dubnov Raz, Israel
    - Athlete Screening in Children

    Michael Eldar, Israel
    - CPVT - When to Suspect, What to Do?

    Rami Fogelman, Israel
    - WPW in Athletes – Should Treat All, Age?

    Andre Keren, Israel
    - Preparticipation Screening and Follow up of Amateurs and Middle - aged/Senior Individuals         

    Joel Kirsh, Canada
    - Investigating Sudden Death in Athletes: The Ontario Experience

    Robert Klempfner, Israel
    - Coronary Artery Disease

    Rachel Lampert, USA
    - QT – How to Measure, Limits of Normal and Managing Athletes with Borderline QT
    - Decision-making in Athletes
    - Most Patients with ICDs Should be Allowed to Compete

    Lluis Mont, Spain
    - Asymptomatic NSVT – No More Sport?
    - The Limits of Normal in Athletes – ECG, Echo, Exercise Testing

    Eyal Nof, Israel
    - Most LQT Patients Should be Allowed to Participate in Athletic Activity
    - RVOT VT In An Athlete- is ablation always the best solution?

    Brian Olshansky, USA
    - Syncope in Athletes - Always a Red Flag?
    - Excessive Athletic Activity – How Much is Too Much and How to be at  the Bottom of the U Curve 
    - Athletes with Family History of Sudden Cardiac Death
    - Most LQT Patients Should be Allowed to Participate in Athletic Activity 

    Antonio Pelliccia, Italy
    - Sudden Death in the Athlete Caused by Structural Heart Disease
    - Different Sports - Different Risks?            

    Sanjay Sharma, UK
    - Pericarditis/Myocarditis
    - Interpretation of ECG in Athletes
    - Is it Exercise-induced ARVD or is it ARVD Uncovered by Exercise?
    - Forever young. What is Considered Normal and Abnormal in Senior Athletes and Should We Ever Stop Running?
    - Non Cardiac Sudden Death in the Athlete

    Dana Viskin, Israel
    - "Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue..."

    Arik Wolak, Israel
    - Normal and Abnormal in CMR of Athletes at Various Ages
    - Cardiac MRI for Athletes - Through Thick and Thin